10 Great Tips to Lose Weight Fast and Easily Lose the Pounds

Do you want to lose 10 pounds quickly? The weight loss can easily be achieved and you will lose the fat with these tips. Remember to chose foods which are not only good for you but filling as well, so be sure to include lots of fruits and vegetables.

1. Get a notebook and record everything you drink and eat. Do not worry about counting calories. The reason you are recording your eating choices is so that you can see not only what you are eating but how much of it. This will help with weight loss.

2. Limit sugar laden food to two or three times a week. some of these items are cookies, cake, ice cream, pies - you know all the good stuff.

3.Have eggs, nuts and red meat occasionally but not every day. Get most of your protein from beans,yogurt,fish,or chicken.

4. Every week plan at least two meals without cheese or meat. Instead load up on fiber like beans, vegetables and whole grains.

5. Eat fruit at least twice a day.

6. Never drink diet soda, the sweet taste will make you crave sugar.

7. Eat lots of vegetables, have two servings both for lunch and for dinner. If you are still hungry after a meal - have more vegetables. They are filling and low in calories.

8. Use whole grains wherever possible. The fiber will give you a fuller feeling and also aids with digestion.

9. Plan not only your meals but also your snacks ahead of time. When you go to the grocery - go with a list and stick to it. If you just grab something when you are feeling hungry, you will probably choose fattening food.

10. When you eat, make it an occasion, set the table and sit down to eat, make sure the television is off. Be aware of what you are eating and then you will not be tempted to eat as much. Keep in mind that you are losing weight fast and the less you eat, the quicker the weight loss.

When you follow these simple tips, it will be easy to lose weight fast. You will not be hungry and you will be alble to lose those first ten pounds. And of course if you add exercise, even something as simple as walking, you wiil lose weight faster.

Since I have struggled with weight and since I have won the battle, I like to help others find a way to achieve the success they are seeking. Please check out my blog for more weight loss tips at http://www.losing-weight-fast.net


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