How to Lose Weight Without Diets

Technically speaking, losing weight is simple -- just cut your daily intake of calories and exercise more. When your organism finds it cannot extract the necessary energy from the food you consume, it will start burning the fat deposits in waist and other parts of your body. So, the most natural way to lose weight is to keep to a diet, which reduces the energy your consume and do regular exercises to burn energy.
While this approach to weight loss is most natural and healthy, it is not easy. No wonder that a lot of so-called weight loss pills were developed, which make it easier to lose weight. One of the most popular categories of these pills are fat blockers and fat binders. They work by reducing the amount of fat that your organism assimilates from foods. Fat blockers (the most well-known example is Orlistat, marketed as Xenical) in particular inhibit the lipase enzyme in the intestines which breaks up fat making it ready for digestion. As a result, the fat cannot be absorbed by the organism so it passes freely through the bowel. Fat binders work by binding to the fat molecules, again making it unabsorbable by intestines. Fat blockers and binders have very nasty side effects (among them are uncontrollable foul-smelling anal discharges.) Naturally you cannot expect that removal of fats from your diet in such a way will be healthy.
Another category of weight loss supplements includes appetite suppressants. They reduce your appetite by making the organism think it is already full. One of the most popular herbal appetite suppressants is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is a cactus-like plant which grows in South Africa. Its appetite suppressing capabilities were well-known by Bushman who used it during their long hunting trips. Since Hoodia Gordonii is a purely natural treatment, it doesn't have any side-effects associated with synthethic prescription appetite suppressing drugs such as Phentermine.
Real Hoodia Gordonii Plus helped millions of people around the world to lose weight fast. While purchasing Hoodia Gordonii online, make sure that it has all necessary certifications proving it is not fake.
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Zeeshan Amjad said...

Losing weight with out Diet is bit tough but not impossible. Keep on Posting such blogs.
Online BMI Calculator is there to use and get your Body Mass Index.

Dharam said...

You’ve assisted my understanding on what is usually a hard to tackle subject. Thank you!


Anjani said...

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Abby said...

I tested a lot of weight loss programs, pills and diets for couple of years now. Atkins diet is one example but I’m not really satisfied with it because it’s making my body weak.
I’m on Medifast Diet right now. So far I don’t feel weak like when I’m using Atkins. The caloric intake is around 800-1000 calories.
It’s a bit pricey, but there are plenty of coupons available on the internet (i.e. ). Even if you don’t pay full price.
My advice is just choose a diet plan which your body reacts positively to. No one knows your body better than you do!

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hannah said...

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Sexier said...

Great post. It would be fantastic to know and experience the easy, healthy and fast way to lose weight.

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